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On this page we have compiled a variety of forms that your child might need over the course of his or her education here. If you do not see a form that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact your school's main office for assistance.

Health Forms
Non-Prescription Medication Form
Inhaler Prescription Form
Prescription Medication Form
Severe Allergy Form
Physical Form

Physical Form (en Espanol)
Physical Form (Alternate Year for Athletics)
Physical Form (Alternate Year for Athletics) en Espanol
Medication Procedures

Health Forms Spanish (Espanol)
Autorización para Administrar Medicamento para Evitar Reacciones Alérgicas Severas  
Planilla de Autorizacion para Administracion de Medicamento por Inhalador
Planilla de Permismo para Administracion de Medicamento Recetado
Planilla de Permiso para Administracion de Medicamento que No Requiere de Receta Medica

Immunization Forms for all Schools
Wisconsin Immunization Record Form--English
Wisconsin Immunization Record Form--Hmong
Wisconsin Immunization Record Form--Spanish (Espanol)

Kindergarten Forms
Kindergarten Dental Form
Kindergarten Immunization Form--English
Kindergarten Immunization Form--Hmong
Kindergarten Immunization Form--Spanish
Kindergarten Physical Form
Kindergarten Vision Form--English
Kindergarten Vision Form--Spanish

General Forms
Free and Reduced Lunch Application & Instructions & FRL FAQs

Student Accident Insurance
Transcript Request (if graduated prior to 2009)
Trip Consent Form for Overnight Events

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