Advanced Learning Programming and Services

The Berlin Area School District Advanced Learning Programming and Services is available to all students and provides appropriate instruction for the advanced learner by delivering effective and innovative strategies beyond the core curriculum. Operating within the Multi-tiered Framework, ALPS provides services to challenge, support and empower students to produce high quality work and to become independent lifelong learners while protecting and nurturing their unique characteristics. Throughout the district researched-based assessments and analysis are utilized to identify advanced learners, design programming and monitor growth. K-12 and K-5 Advanced Learning coordinators provide continuing support through instructional coaching for teachers and individualized educational coaching for students.

At Clay Lamberton all students are given the opportunity to participate in an innovative and engaging science programs along with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) activities. This programming encourages students to use their problem solving, creativity, teamwork and higher-order thinking skills to complete hands-on activities. Clay Lamberton students are also taught using personalized learning, flexible grouping, flexible pacing based on their reasoning abilities, social/emotional needs and mastery of a given subject matter or skill.

At Berlin Middle School all students are given opportunities for enrichment through their elective courses. Champion Project is a student-driven project-based learning opportunity. Rube Goldberg and Future City are STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) courses focused on nurturing creativity, problem solving and teamwork. Through the use of the ALEKS online math program, students receive personalized math instruction based on their strengths and areas for growth. ALEKS allows students to advance through the program at their own pace. In all subject areas, students are provided opportunities for enrichment and advancement through individualized advanced learning plans.

Berlin High School provides continued opportunities for growth with advanced learning plans and individualized programming.  Berlin High School has a diverse selection of elective opportunities and Honors, CAPP and TCC courses for all students in all academic areas.  ALPS uses these electives to personalize instruction based on student interest, college and career goals. Additionally, ALPS provides opportunities for a deeper and richer educational experience through academic and career competitions and camps, job shadows, mentorships, Youth Apprenticeships, and Youth Options.

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