Songwriting Contest

Picture of BHS Songwriting Contest with Musical Notes

This contest will be sponsored jointly by the Wordsmiths of Berlin writing club and the BHS Music Department.

What: Students (either individually or with a partner) submit an original song of their creation.  Songs must contain lyrics; musical accompaniment is recommended, but not required. 

TO BE ENTERED: The following three elements must be shared 

    with Mr. Reise or Mr. C. Willhite by Friday, March 19.

  1. Copy of the lyrics

  2. Recorded performance of the song (either video or audio)

  3. A one to two-page essay (or video-taped discussion) explaining the songwriting contest (inspirations, difficulties, word choices, themes, collaborations, etc.)

All three submission components will factor into the submission scoring.

Who:  The contest is open to any Berlin High School student OR student pair.

When: Submissions will be accepted until Friday, March 19th, 2021.

Winners: Cash prizes ($30, $20, $10) will be awarded for the top three entries. With contestant permission, video performances of the top songs will be posted on the school website.

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