25th Annual Berlin Area Child Development Day Screening

Child Development Day Screening


      On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Berlin Public School System will be holding its 25th annual Child Development Screening Day at Grace Lutheran Church in Berlin from 8:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.  Berlin Child Development Day will provide families with the opportunity to learn more about the level of their child's development, the services available to families of young children, and normal child growth and development from birth to age five.  The screening will focus on children 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old, and all parents of children in this age group are urged to attend.

     Currently, children from 0-3 years old with developmental problems are serviced through a county program.  Programs such as Head Start, Public Health, and Birth to Three may be involved in meeting these children's needs. After age three, it becomes the school's responsibility to provide services to a child.  However, not all of the children with developmental problems are identified, and for those who are, different agencies become responsible for meeting a child's needs at age 3.  These are problems that the Berlin Child Development Day is designed to alleviate.  The primary goal is to work together to meet the needs of children and their families in the Berlin area.  All children, with or without developmental delays or disabilities, and their parents can benefit from this.

     More specific goals of the screening include:

1)  To identify children in need of further assessment in the following areas:  physical, sensory, developmental (personal/social growth, adaptive skills, gross and fine motor skills, communication, cognition).

2)  To develop community awareness of resources available in the areas of education, child care, medical/health and family support services.

3)  To provide education for families concerning normal child growth and development.

     Prior to April 2nd, parents and families planning on attending this event with their children should call Debbie Krause at (920) 361-2441, ext. 4001 to schedule an appointment.   At Grace Lutheran Church in Berlin, which is located next to Berlin High School and across from Berlin Memorial Hospital, parents will have the opportunity to sit down with an interviewer who will review the survey and ask follow-up questions.  Meanwhile, the child will be able to take part in some directed and supervised activities.  After the interview, parents can browse exhibits on child development and converse with people from various service agencies that may be able to provide help or information to parents and children.  Displays may also include videos on child development, and tables will be set up with pamphlets and brochures on child development and parenting.  Among the professionals available to answer questions will be an early-childhood specialist, a speech and language clinician, a psychologist, and a school nurse.   

     Parents and their children can get free gifts for attending and refreshments will also be served.  Parents should plan on spending, approximately, up to one hour there. Whether you have any concerns about your child's development or not, you are strongly encouraged to attend Berlin Child Development Day.  All parents have questions at one time or another, and getting the answers is in your child's best interests.

CALL DEBBIE KRAUSE at 361-2441, ext. 4001

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