School Board Policies and Notices

Last Updated: 10/18/2021 7:04 PM

These policies serve as a guide to school board members, school employees, students, and the public in understanding the organization, administration, and operation of the Berlin Area School District. Through recommendations from Administration, Board Committee, the Board of Education and/or district residents new policies are initiated and continuing policies are reviewed and revised, with final approval by the Board of Education.

The formulation of these policies acknowledges all regulations, requirements, and responsibilities defined by state and federal laws and reflect the District mission, vision, and values. The Berlin Area School District will maintain safe, efficient and effective school operations, and will facilitate a collaborative, respectful, positive climate for students, staff, and families. The District honors the role of the community and its members as active partners in the education of its students and stewards of District facilities.

The District website lists all of the District’s School Board Policies.

The Truancy Plan lists all of the District's truancy procedures and processes.

The Elementary Code of Conduct, Secondary Code of Conduct, BHS Student Handbook, BHS Co-Curricular Handbook

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding these policies please contact Tricia Polakowski or 920-361-2004 ext 3050.

Each year Wisconsin school districts are required to inform parents/guardians of annual notices. These notices require they be delivered in many different forms. The listing below provides links to annual notice webpages and/or sites or the information directly. Please note you may receive some of the notices in a different format (U.S.Mail, newsletter, etc.) as required by statute. The website lists its annual notices to help inform parents and the public of its policies and procedures.