Middle School

BEGINNING ART: This is a required 12 week introductory course designed to give 6th graders a sampling of art projects that emphasize the elements (line, form/shape, color, value, texture, space) and introduces the principles of art (balance, variety, harmony, emphasis, movement, rhythm, proportion, unity).  Understanding and appreciation of self and others through art history, culture, and heritage is emphasized.  A variety of media and techniques create an active learning experience where students will focus on   developing skills which include drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and collage.  Beginning Art is required BEFORE  enrolling in any other art class.

INTERMEDIATE ART: This trimester class is a continuation of Beginning Art, building on skills and concepts.  Exploration of different mediums and art techniques will be introduced or strengthened while creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional products.  Hands-on activities provide students an opportunity to practice creative and critical problem-solving.  The elements along with understanding and appreciation of self and others through art history, culture and heritage will be emphasized.  This class is the logical choice for those 7th and 8th grade students that are new to the district.

ADVANCED ART: This trimester class is offered to students that have successfully completed  Intermediate Art and  continues with the exploration of the skills, concepts, and knowledge provided in Intermediate Art with a strong emphasis on individual thinking, creativity, and originality. Focus will be on the elements and principles of design, while offering a wide range of dynamic studio activities using a variety of media including but not limited to: ceramics, wire,paper, paint, graphite, and found objects.

DRAWING AND PAINTINGThis trimester class is for students who have successfully completed Intermediate Art and Advanced Art.  The focus is to give students a wide variety of two-dimensional art experiences and to help   develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Basic art elements and principles will be applied while creating two-dimensional art with a variety of media including pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, and painting using watercolor,      tempera, and acrylic.  Learning activities are based on art theories, history, subject matter and styles of art.  This course will also focus on giving students a working knowledge of two-dimensional art tools, techniques, and  materials. (7th or 8th gr.)

CERAMICS:  This trimester class is for students who have successfully completed Intermediate Art and Advanced Art. The focus is to give students a wide variety of three-dimensional clay experiences and to help develop problem- solving and critical thinking skills and self confidence as well as a better understanding of aesthetics and art appreciation.  Basic art elements and principles will be     applied while creating three-dimensional art using a variety of hand built clay techniques and practices.  Students will learn construction processes, technical knowledge of three-dimensional art tools and materials, and various finishing, display and presentation of art products.  (7th or 8th gr.)

CRAFTS: Students in crafts will be doing more teacher directed projects that follow a recipe or pattern.  Possible projects may include: cardmaking, stamping, scrapbook layout, crochet, wool felting, and basketry. (This class may be repeated.)

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