4 Year Old Kindergarten Curriculum

4K students working on math.

Understanding the developmental needs of 4 year old children our mathematics instruction is designed to provide age appropriate activities for little learners. We provide lessons that are hands on using a variety of manipulatives, focused on developing number sense and counting along with lessons in shapes and measurement. We utilize the components from the EngageNY program which is aligned to the standards and prepares children for the Math Expressions program they will use when they enter Kindergarten.

4K student working on literacy.

Developing a print rich environment for our young learners is a priority and we provide numerous opportunities to explore language in its many forms. Children are regularly engaged in shared reading and interactive read aloud throughout the session. Environmental print word walls, extensive classroom libraries and play stations throughout the classroom filled with reading and writing materials support literacy development. For the past 3 years our student have benefitted from a community grant from the Green Lake County Area United Fund and each child receives a home library book box at the start of the school year to be filled with about 15 books by the end of the school year to keep at home.

4K students enjoying imaginative play.

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS)
These standards have been developed by the Wisconsin state departments of Public Instruction, Children and Families, and Health Services. These standards reflect the shared values and commitments of the citizens of Wisconsin to prepare young children for success in school. The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards specify expectations for children birth to first grade. The standards contain developmental domains, sub-domains, developmental expectations, performance standards and program standards. The developmental continuum provides a predictable but not rigid sequence of accomplishments which describe the progressive levels of performance in the order in which they emerge in most children, based on current research. The developmental continuum begins at an early developmental level and continues through developmental levels that would be typical of children entering first grade in each developmental domain. The DPI lists more information on the early childhood section of its website about the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards.

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