Middle School Social Studies

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Sixth Grade World History is a study of the past starting with prehistory and early humans to ancient civilizations focusing on the people and events in the past. We examine how these people and events changed society then and the impact of those changes on our world today. World History includes the following power standards:

  • Change, Continuity, and Context
  • Perspectives
  • Causation and Argumentation
  • Civic and Political institutions
  • Evaluating Sources & Using Evidence

Seventh grade geography class allows students to travel around the world and explore the magnificent places on our Earth from environments, landscapes, and physical characteristics to the wide diversity of people, cultures, and ways of life. Furthermore, we look at how history and current events impact our world. It is important for us to understand the world and our place in it. Geography includes the following Power Standards:

  • Use Geographical Tools to Analyze the World
  • Examine Human Movement and Population Patterns
  • Evaluate Global Connections and Relationships
  • Evaluate the Relationships Between Identity and Place and Humans and the Environment
  • Gather Information from Multiple Sources and Develop Claims

Eighth Grade U.S. History is a study of American history between approximately 1760 and 1900. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: the American Revolution, American Government, early expansion, the Civil War and Reconstruction and the Progressive Movement.

Eighth Grade U.S. History includes the following Power Standards:

  • Disciplinary Literacy and Inquiry
  • Structures and Functions of Government
  • Change, Continuity and Context
  • Perspectives
  • Causation and Argumentation

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