Homecoming Parade & Schedule, Guides & Rules

Homecoming Information
September 27th Homecoming Information
The parade will start at approximately 2:30 p.m. at the corner of Greeley and E. Marquette Streets (in front of the District Business Office) and end at the corner of Brooklyn and Broadway Streets (McDonald's). Click here for the parade route.
-Pre-game tailgate party with food and refreshments
-Game Begins at 7pm
-Dance to follow
 Overview of Homecoming 2019
Monday:  September 23rd
  • Last Day of Summer Day (think Hawaiian Day)
  • First Hour Trivia
  • Boys Volleyball Tournament in small gym @ 6:00
  • JV Football @ Ripon 4:30
Tuesday: September 24th
  • Disco Day - bell bottoms and crazy colors
  • Varsity Boys Soccer away @ KML 4:30
  • JV VB Quad @ home 5:00
  • First Hour Trivia 
Wednesday: September 25th
  • Class Day - Circle of Life
            9th grade - Birth
            10th grade - Midlife Crisis
            11th grade - Old Folks
            12th grade - College
  • First Hour Trivia 
Thursday: September 26th
  • Frat and Sorority Day
  • First Hour Trivia 
  • Volleyball vs Winneconne @ home 5:30
  • Girls Swimming @ Chilton 6:00
  • JV2 Football @ Winneconne 4:30
  • Cross Country @ Westfield 4:00
Friday: September 28th
  • School Spirit!!! Bring out the red and green! 
  • First Hour Trivia 
  • Pep rally @ 1:15 – 2:15
  • Parade @ 2:30 - start in front of Business Office
  • Dance after the game
  • Varsity Football vs. Winneconne 7:00
Homecoming Guides, Rules and Regulations
Any class, club, or organization must follow these instructions in order to enter a float into the Homecoming parade.  Advisors will be asked to strictly enforce these rules.
  1. Each class will create a committee to be responsible for creating a float including both decorating AND TRANSPORTING.
  2. The theme of the float will be appropriate.
  3. Any purchases must be okayed by the class president and the class advisor.
  4. Floats will be pulled by cars or trucks.  Any other vehicle must be okayed by the principal.  (Driver must be 18 years old or older, and must have a driver’s license.)  Give the name of the driver to Mr. Mork by Wednesday of Homecoming week.
  5. The parade will start at approximately 2:30 at the corner of Greeley and Marquette (front of business office).  Staging for the parade will be Clay Lamberton parking lot and Greeley Street. Floats must be on time.
  6. After completion of the parade, the floats will be directed to the high school where they will be displayed at the football game that night.
  7. Anyone caught vandalizing a float will be punished accordingly.  Classes breaking any rules can and will be disqualified.
  8. No one may ride a float to the parade, during the parade, or after the parade.
  9. No candy thrown from floats.  (Elementary students cannot leave the curb due to safety issues.)
  10. No student vehicles to be allowed near the float building areas.  Students must stay out of vehicles during construction.
  11. $40.00 should be the limit of the cost of the float.
  12. There will be no reference to other classes.
Float and Hallway Judging Criteria
  1. Neatness and Organization
  2. Originality and Creativity
  3. BHS School Spirit
**The Indian profile is appropriate in the usage of floats. The name “Indian” may be written on the float. The use of the Indian spear is also appropriate. Face paint and headdresses will not be allowed. Native structures (teepees, huts, etc) are allowed in decoration. There is no violent scenes of the floats dealing with the Indians or any actions against them in inappropriate impersonating ways.
Hall Decorating
  1. Each class will create a committee to be responsible for decorating their entire hallway.
  2. Decorating will take place on Thursday afternoon.  
  3. There will be no reference to other classes.
  4. All posters or signs should refer to Homecoming, or the opponents of the game.
  5. Judging will take place on Thursday night at 6:00 pm.
  6. Final scores of the hallways will not be given until the hallway is cleaned up before the Friday pep rally.
  7. All materials will be provided by the class and all decorations must be in good taste.
  8. Senior hallway 1st floor south, junior hallway 1st floor north, sophomore hallway 2nd floor north, freshman hallway 2nd floor south.
**The Indian profile is allowed in the halls of BHS. “Indian” may be written on any signs, banners or decorations in the halls. The use of drawings or posters of spears is appropriate, if it is used for the Indian mascot. The spears may not be used for any acts of violence dealing with the Indians. It is just a sign pertaining to the Indian mascot. Teepees, huts, etc. may also be allowed in the use of decoration in the hallways.
Pep Rally
  1. The Friday pep rally will begin at 1:15 p.m. 
  2. Pep rallies will include live music from the BHS pep band, as well as performances from the BHS cheer and stunt squad, tug-o-war, a guys volleyball match vs. teachers, recognition of fall athletes, speakers, and any other games and activities.  
  3. Any suggestions or ideas should be submitted to the BHS student council.
  4. There will be no negative cheers.  Any class participating in negative cheers against other classes will forfeit all pep rally points used towards the Spirit award.
Lip Sync
Each class will have volunteers perform a 45 second lip sync during the Friday pep rally.  The officer will be given the song choice on Tuesday during the week of Homecoming. The judging of the lip sync will be based on creativity, costumes and the ability to sing the song.  Points for winning lip sync’s will go towards class points.
Homecoming Dance
The BHS Key Club will be responsible for organizing and putting on the Homecoming dance.  The dance will be informal, therefore guest passes are required. The dance will start after Friday’s football game.
Guy’s Volleyball
Each class will have a team of boys in a volleyball tournament usually on Monday, at 6:00 which is the first night of Homecoming week. The activity takes place in the gym.  The scoring will be rally. The champions compete on Friday’s pep rally against the teacher team.  
Scoring of Events
The BHS student council is responsible for the scoring of all events that determine which class will win the spirit award.  Scores will be posted on the Spirit chart in the commons and final results will be presented at the Friday pep rally.
Selection of Court and Mr. & Mrs. Berlin
  1. Freshman, sophomores and juniors will receive a list of their classmate’s names from which they will vote for one boy and one girl to represent them as Homecoming court.
  2. Seniors will nominate 5 boys and 5 girls to represent them for Homecoming court.
  3. Once a person is elected for court in his/her freshman, sophomore or junior year, that person will be ineligible to be elected onto Homecoming court until their senior year.  All seniors are eligible for Homecoming court.
  4. Once the nominees are collected for the senior class, the entire student body will vote to select the one and only Mr. and Mrs. Berlin couple.
  5. Mr. and Ms. Berlin will be announced at Friday’s pep rally along with the rest of the Homecoming court.
Any club or sport in Berlin High School can decorate a window in a downtown business.  Student Council will have a list of businesses that have agreed to participate. Each club/sport must contact Ms. Ragus for details in regards to location.  Businesses want at least one day notice before arriving to decorate and clean up. Clean up should be done by Monday of the following week. Each club/sport is responsible for clean up. Student Council will provide window paint and paint brushes.  The window theme should compliment Berlin High School and Homecoming. There will be no judging of windows.
** Window decorating during homecoming is mainly for sports and clubs, but if they want to throw in the mascot, the Indian profile is allowed. The word “Indians” may be used on the windows for example, “Go Berlin Indians!” Any drawings of the spear is allowed on the windows as well.
Any other activities by other groups must be cleared by the principal and checked in with the BHS student council!

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