Kindergarten Information

Kindergarten Orientation Information

We are anticipating the beginning of a new and terrific school year for 2018-19! Kindergarten orientation on Tuesday, August 28th is beneficial for parents, students, and teachers.  A lot of information is shared so parents can have a better understanding of the curriculum, special events, rules, procedures, and expectations. You will also have an opportunity to take a tour and ask any questions you may have. Please bring your child’s school supplies to the orientation as well as information for the teacher about drop off and pick up. If your child will take a bus, please tell your child’s teacher which bus number to ensure safe travels.


6:00 Meet promptly near the office (Door #2)

        Introduction of Staff

6:15 Boys and their parents go to the classrooms

        Girls and their parents stay for a meeting

6:45 Girls and their parents go to the classrooms

        Boys and their parents stay for a meeting

7:15 Additional opportunities for parents to ask questions and/or an optional tour of the school.

***This is a special event for your kindergarten child,

please make an effort to find care for any other siblings***


Date Reminders:

Tuesday, September 4th- Girls Only come to Kindergarten

Wednesday, September 5th- Boys Only come to Kindergarten

Thursday, September 6th- Boys and Girls begin Kindergarten


Kindergarten Phase-In Information

At Clay Lamberton we have a phase-in period during the first week. Even though your child may have previously participated in a 4K or daycare program, they will benefit from this phase-in experience.

*GIRLS will attend school all day on Tuesday, September 4th

*BOYS will attend school all day on Wednesday, September 5th

*ALL kindergarten children will come to school on Thursday, September 6th.

***Clay Lamberton School begins at 8:10am and ends at 3:15pm, except for late start days***


Some examples of how this phase-in will help your child:

*Helps children who have difficulties separating from parents the first few days.

*Lower student-to-teacher ratio to provide more time for your child’s teacher to get to know them and build their confidence to ease them into this transition.

*Greater attention given to student in locating the kindergarten classroom as well as gym, art, music, office, and nurse’s office.

*Help in using the bathroom facilities.

*Guidance in the lunchroom procedures.  These include getting their silverware, going through the lunch line, returning their tray, and going out for recess.

*Helps each individual child locate their bus or parent at the end of the school day. Lower student to teacher numbers will help ensure the child’s safe dismissal from school.


Contact Us

Jena Nolan, 4K - 5 Director of Instruction
920.361.2441 ext 3006

Jessica Bednarek, Kindergarten Teacher

Katie Evraets, Kindergarten Teacher

Gina Fleegal, Kindergarten Teacher

Tricia Stellmacher, Kindergarten Teacher

Diane Tigert, Kindergarten Teacher