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Expect Respect
Expect Respect is the student leadership group for the Cougar Way. The principal, counselors, and students work together to nominate students from 4th and 5th grade who have displayed the Cougar Way over their years at Clay Lamberton to serve as positive role models for their peers. Expect Respect meets weekly before school to review trends in positive behaviors and brainstorm strategies to help remind students of desired behaviors throughout school. 

Expect Respect is a critical part of monthly booster assemblies, writing and presenting skits to re-teach the Cougar Way in various settings such as the bus, playground, hallways, and classrooms. Additionally, Expect Respect students assist with acknowledging positive behaviors--for example, students hand out red Cougar Paws on the playground to peers who demonstrate being safe, respectful, and responsible. Cougar Paws received from Expect Respect students are worth more at the school store as an added incentive for showing the Cougar Way, even when adults are not around. 

Students in Expect Respect learn leadership skills as well as group dynamic skills as they analyze behavior patterns and brainstorm ideas to address any challenges that arise. Additionally, students learn self-advocacy skills and how to stand up for others. We are always impressed with the level of maturity and insight displayed by this student group!

Cougar Times
The Cougar Times is the student-run newspaper for Clay Lamberton. 4th and 5th graders complete applications and must be selected to participate. Once chosen, the students write articles, take pictures and conduct interviews for the monthly paper. All Clay students receive a printed copy of the newspaper on a monthly basis.

Contact Us

Erika Krasavage
Expect Respect Advisor
920-361-2442 ext 3009