Berlin Middle School encourages all students to be involved in the extracurricular offerings at the school. Studies have shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities generally "demonstrate better attendance, higher levels of academic achievement, and aspirations to higher levels of education" (National Center for Education Statistics, 1995). Middle School is a great time for students to try a new activity, sport or musical pursuit. Some of Berlin Middle School's athletic offerings include:

  • Open to all 6th - 8th grade students
    • Wrestling (January - February) 
  • Girls (Currently available to only 7th & 8th grade students)
    • Volleyball (Sept - October)
    • Football (Sept - October)
    • Basketball (Jan - Feb)
    • Track (April - May)
  • Boys (Currently available to only 7th & 8th grade students)
    • Football (Sept - October)
    • Basketball (Nov - Dec)
    • Track (April - May)

Please see the 2019-20 Athletic Calendar for more specific schedule information.


Contact Us

Ryan Zak, Middle School Activities Director
920-361-2441 ext 4149