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Last Updated: 3/1/2021 8:32 PM

Berlin Middle School encourages all students to be involved in the extracurricular offerings at the school. Studies have shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities generally "demonstrate better attendance, higher levels of academic achievement, and aspirations to higher levels of education" (National Center for Education Statistics, 1995). Middle School is a great time for students to try a new activity, sport or musical pursuit. Some of Berlin Middle School's offerings include:

Champion Way Committee
Nine randomly selected students (3 per grade level) meet once a month to discuss school topics and enhance leadership skills.  Committee members also help facilitate school-wide activities, create Champion Way videos, and identify improvement projects.

Chess Club
Chess Club is open to all students at Berlin Middle School.  There is no fee to join and chess sets are provided.  The club meets every other week during homeroom in the Language Arts lab. 

Forensics is a public speaking competition open to all 6-8 graders. It takes place in the fall and students compete in different categories of public speaking. Generally there are 2-3 competitions per year.

The BMS Champion Times student newspaper was started in the fall of 2017, thanks to the initiative of a few middle school students. There will be an informational meeting in September. Interested student journalists are asked to fill out an application and write a sample newspaper article. A maximum of 15 students will be chosen to plan, write, organize and print the newspaper with the help of advisor, Ms. Paskey. Meetings are held once a week during homeroom; students are not expected to stay after school unless they choose to help with printing. Enjoy the latest edition of the Champion Way Times.

Principal's Cabinet
The Principal's Cabinet is a student group comprised of one representative from each homeroom who meet with the principal during a homeroom period each month. Representatives are selected by peers in their homeroom on a semester basis in order to provide opportunities for multiple students to serve as a liaison to the cabinet.  Each month, homerooms will be presented with a school topic to discuss, and the representatives will convey their homeroom's ideas at the cabinet meeting. This student group serves to provide another way for student input on school issues as well as serve as a learning experience for representative and shared leadership. 

Vex Robotics is an extra-curricular activity that is open to all students in grades 7-12. Our season runs from April to April. Vex Robotics meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-6:00pm during the school year and several times over the summer. Vex Robotics competitions begin in December and run through February or March. Competitions are on Saturdays and run from 7am to 5pm. We usually compete in 4-5 competitions each season. The current Vex game can be seen at their website. You can also visit our Vex website for more information.

VEX Robotics is an exciting program that allows students to work as a design team to accomplish a given task within a deadline and within the limitations of the materials available.  Not only do students learn how to interact as a team to design a product that can accomplish a common task, they must also program the robot to run autonomously as well as under operator control.  Some of the concepts they learn include torque, gear ratios, drive trains, manipulator design, problem solving and much more.  Students learn all of this in a hands-on environment.

To participate you must complete the attached Robotics Student Contract, Robotics Liability Form and Robotics Photo Release.

Ski Club
Ski Club is an extracurricular activity open to all Berlin Middle School students, regardless of their skiing or snowboarding expertise. The BMS Ski Club goes on four trips to Nordic Mountain during the winter months (December - February) on Sunday afternoons. There are various costs associated with Ski Club, such as lift ticket purchase, ski/snowboard rentals and bus fees. Students with their own equipment and season passes to Nordic Mountain are welcome to come along. 

Check out the ski club website for more information.

Solo and Ensemble​​​​​​
Solo and Ensemble is an opportunity for music students to perform a piece for judging. The competition usually takes place the first weekend in March.

Student Council
Students who participate in student council are given the opportunity to practice their leadership and organizational skills through a number of service and school-based activities. Students who choose to are also given the opportunity to participate in the JAM State Conference and Competition Program in the Spring.

Contact Us

Chess Club and Champion Way Committee
Chris Grams
920-361-2441 ext 4202

Forensics (Public Speaking)
Tracey Dedering
920-361-2441 ext 4227

Future City
Scott Wagner
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Beth Paskey
920-361-2441 ext 4234

Principal's Cabinet
Scott Bartol
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Sharon Hansen
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Ski Club
Jared Marshall
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Solo and Ensemble
Tricia Walheim
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Student Council
Tracey Dedering
920-361-2441 ext 4227