Middle School Pupil Services

Last Updated: 12/11/2020 3:45 PM

Sharon Hansen, Counselor
Sharon Hansen, Counselor

Middle School can be an exciting time of change for students. Expanded course options, a larger number of teachers, and fluctuating friendships can all lead to opportunities and challenges for the middle schooler. The Berlin Middle School Counseling Department is here to help support parents and students navigate this sometimes challenging time. Please check out webpage for more specific information about Middle School Counseling Services.

The process of moving from elementary to high school is a short three-year stay in middle school. During this time, we need to work with our children to prepare them to become adults. There are many pitfalls and twists and turns on this journey. 

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Sharon Hansen
Berlin Middle School Counselor
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Belinda Stevens
School Psychologist
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Carrie McCarthy
School Social Worker

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Secondary ELL English Language Learner Teacher
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Director of Pupil Services and Special Education
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