Music and Drama Activities

Last Updated: 7/13/2020 3:20 PM

Auditorium Seating Chart

Drama Club (Masque)
We meet once every 1-2 weeks on Friday during CIA with longer rehearsals from 3:30-5 as warranted by the projects we are asked to perform for.

Drama Club's mission is to educate students through dramatic performances with students developing and performing skits on a wide variety of topics relevant to students. We also produce the annual BHS talent show and try to see at least one professional performance per school year.

Drama Club is open to all students.

Encore! Classical A Capella Ensemble
Auditions are within the first 3 weeks of school and once chosen, the group works all year long. The group rehearses during the latter part of the lunch hour one to three times a week depending on the performance schedule (several weeks off in January). Performances include the National Anthem on Fridays in school and at some home athletic events, community performances during the holiday season (during school hours, evenings and weekends), Solo & Ensemble, and all choir concerts.

Students must be in a regular choir in order to audition. This is the top level of singers in the music department and the group consists of only 20 students at the most. 99% of the music is a cappella (no piano or other instrumental accompaniment) and varies from madrigals to vocal jazz to contemporary a cappella. Singers must have an excellent sense of pitch, good sightreading ability and the ability to work on music outside of rehearsal.

All choral students are encouraged to audition with the knowledge that the number of openings is usually quite limited and this is an advanced level group. Once students are in the group, they remain from year to year (unless some infraction removes them from the group).

AcaVox - Contemporary A Capella Ensemble
Auditions will happen in late November/December. Rehearsals begin in January and continue through the end of the year on Monday nights from approximately 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Additional rehearsals will be added as necessary closer to performance times.

Students have to be in one of the regular choral groups in order to audition. All levels may audition with the understanding that we are looking for strong, in-tune singers, and expressive individual performers. Group size is approximately 15 voices. AcaVox performs contemporary and pop arrangements in a Cappella style including vocal percussion. Performances include Solo & Ensemble, possible community or other school events, and a finale shared with the show choir in late May or early June.

Fall Musical - DUE TO COVID-19 The musical may move to February 2021 with auditions to take place in December. Please watch the website and student announcements for updates in August regarding auditions.
Auditions - beginning of September Rehearsals - Mon/Thurs 7-9 pm, Tues 5:30-7:50, and Wed/Fri 4-6. (Athletes can participate with flexibility. Not everyone is needed at every practice until several weeks before the show.) Performances - first or second week in November

Students are assigned roles based on their audition and work from professional scripts to learn lines and music. Some students have major roles with a great deal of dialogue and solos to sing, while others have more supporting roles with limited solo/small ensemble singing or are part of a large chorus. Choreography (dancing) is often involved. Students learn to work together and produce an entertaining performance for the community at a high level of precision. Students may also play in the pit orchestra or help with sound, lighting and backstage crew.

Jazz Ensemble
Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:00 from the end of marching season to the end of the year. We participate in concerts, private performances, Solo/Ensemble festival, and jazz festivals.

Learning and performing the massive and open style of jazz.

Must be in band in high school. Subject to Director approval.

Spring Play
All the world's a stage...for those who participate in the BHS Spring Play. Auditions are usually held in November and the play is generally held in March. Students can not only act but also learn the ins and outs of managing the stage and handling props as well.

Auditions for this group happen after the fall musical is finished - mid-to-late November. We may get one rehearsal in during December, otherwise rehearsals begin in January and run every Monday from 7:00-9:00pm until the end of the year finale - end of May/early June. Rehearsal schedule may change in May due to concerts and sports activities.

The show choir is a group that sings and dances, oftening performing pop, Broadway or other "entertaining" music. The group is usually accompanied by instrumental CDs or piano, but does do a cappella music as well. They perform for Solo & Ensemble, an occasional community performance and a 2-hour finale at the end of the year.

Students have to be in one of the regular choral groups to audition. All levels may audition with the understanding that we are looking for strong, in-tune singers first and dancers second, although coordination in movement is very important. Group size is approximately 30 voices.

Contact Us

Drama Club (Masque!)
Angie Femali, Drama Club Advisor
920-361-2000 ext 1206

AcaVox/Encore/Musical/Soundwave Show Choir
Lisa Utecht
920-361-2000, ext. 4145

Jazz Ensemble
Ben Ruetten
920-361-2000 Ext. 1602

Spring Play
Alecia Starks
920-361-2000 ext 1213