Academic Activities

Academic Decathlon
We begin as early as May for the following school year (but students can join anytime up until the first competition in November). Competitions are in November, January, and March. We meet during CIA weekly, but students study and prepare on their own time as well.

Academic Decathlon is a competition where students compete by taking tests on a given topic/theme (this year, for example, is India) in different subject areas (art, music, economics, literature, math, science and social science). They also prepare and give a speech, participate in an interview an do an impromptu speech. Our meetings include using provided study guides to learn about the topic/theme in each subject area, taking tests, preparing and practicing speeches, etc. Students compete for awards (individual and team) and scholarships.

Participation Requirements: Anyone can participate. Students compete at three levels: Honors (GPA 3.75+), Scholastic (GPA 3.00 - 3.75), and Varsity (GPA up to 2.99). We are always looking for dedicated participants at all levels!

Battle of the Books
Students can begin reading in September. Practice battles will begin in December or January.

The statewide Battle of the Books' program is designed to promote a love of reading among students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of the books. Every question asked in a battle is answered by the title and author of the book and takes the form of: Name the book in which a horse and a boy are stranded on an island.

The final Battle team will consist of 4 team members. Other members of Battle of the Books will serve as alternates. Before the actual Battle, we will have the opportunity to take a couple of practice battles together. Practice questions will also be available to students in January. The final Battle will be during the last full week of February. This final “test” will be Internet-based. All four team members can work together to answer 25 detailed questions about the list of books. 

Multiple questions may appear on certain titles and some titles may not be asked about at all. Teams may not use a title/author list or any notes. The time spent answering questions must be monitored by the media specialist or teacher. Teams will have 30 minutes to answer the questions.

How does Battle of the Books Work?

After the practice questions are distributed in early January, team members will be required to take 1 or 2 individual tests. These tests will be scored the same as the final battle: ten points will be awarded for the correct title and five points for the correct author.

Students can also accumulate points throughout the BOB season by attending meetings, participating in discussions on MyBigCampus, joining in on lunch bunch book discussions, and writing practice questions (more information about this later).

Later in the season, we may post a “question of the day (or week)” on the BOB blog…make sure you check  and PowerSchool Learning frequently!

At the end of the season, the four students who have accumulated the most points will be placed on the final team.  All other students will act as alternates, in the order of points they have accumulated.

**For more information, please check out the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association website:

Mock Trial
January and February for competitions. Practice begins in Late October and typically occurs Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm.

Students are given materials to prepare a defense in a criminal or civil case. Some students act as attorneys while other students are witnesses.

Limitations to participation: Students in athletics or organizations that also compete on Saturdays.

National Honors Society
Students with excellent grades make them eligible for consideration for membership in National Honor Society. To assist the Faculty Council in its consideration of student’s membership, students must complete the attached application on 1-2 pages and return it to Mrs. Ziemann (Room A201) or her mailbox in the office by the due date April 24th at 3:30 P.M.  Failure to respond to all parts of this application and/or to return it on time will disqualify your student from membership this year; however, completion of the form does not guarantee you membership, only consideration for membership by the Faculty Council. The elected membership will be publicized.

Red and Green
The Red and Green is the Berlin High School newspaper. Students in grades 10-12 who are interested in writing for the Red and Green must first take Writing for Publications a 2-trimester class. Students will learn how to conduct research, draft articles, take photographs, sell advertising, and use current technology to layout stories. The Red and Green is published monthly September through May.

Trees For Tomorrow
High Schools: Berlin (10), West Salem (10), Shawano (10) Dates: January 27-30, 2016 Cost: $100.00 Includes transportation, meals, lodging, and ski/snowshoe rental Eligibility: Any Berlin High School student 9-12, Student must be Academically and Extracurricular eligible.

Trees for Tomorrow Natural Resource Specialty School has been in operation since 1944. Trees for Tomorrow's mission is to provide the highest quality natural resource education for everyone who participates. The program presents a balanced variety of perspectives on natural resource topics so that participants can develop informed decisions about the wise management of our resources. The program approaches resources management through field experiences and studies in the forest ecosystem focusing on interrelationships among humans, wildlife, plants, water, soil, and air resources. At Trees for Tomorrow, your child will find interesting classes, new friends, and excellent meals and lodging.

Open to any student in grades 9-12.

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